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turtles Posted 8:08am PDT 03/13/2018

Been selling out since 8 hours ago.

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dave_c Posted 1:44pm PDT 03/13/2018

Looks in stock still. Don't expect 500 lumens, maybe for a brief moment when first turned on with a 14500 cell but you wouldn't even want that output for more than a couple minutes because it would damage the light and be too hot to hold. Fortunately there are lower power modes to solve that.

On a AA cell you probably won't get over 200lm and drop from there, with short runtime from either cell chemistry (well under an hour on high mode until significant lumen reduction).

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robertd33 Posted 3:08pm PDT 03/13/2018

got the same thing on gearbest for $.99 last month

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