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BargZ4000 Posted 8:51am PST 01/12/2018

warning this is not the SNES, if fact it is the older NES. the images on the site seems incorrect.

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sremick Posted 11:20am PST 01/12/2018

Do NOT order one of these bootleg POS devices.

Shame on you, BB, for even listing junk like this. It lowers your reputation.

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hollyw00d Posted 11:20am PST 01/12/2018

I won't claim to know what you are actually getting with this machine, but I feel the poster above is incorrect. These machines are running an emulator and while yes, it probably contains classic NES 8 bit games, the images appear to also show a version of megaman that was only on the SNES. I have the feeling you may get a mix of NES and SNES games. IF this system is like the official SNES or NES minis, then it can likely be reprogrammed with whatever 8 or 16 bit games you choose, possibly even Sega and other systems' games.

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