$7.99 Retail: $14

Select Keurig K-Cups at Best Buy


Posted: 78 days ago by Sharik

Ends at 10PM PT. Best Buy has over sixty 16-pack to 18-pack Keurig K-Cup Packs for $7.99 with free shipping or in-store pickup.

Includes Krispy Kreme (pictured), Starbucks Fall Blend, Starbucks Italian Roast, Dunkin' Donuts Original Blend, Keurig McCafe, The Original Donut Shop and many more flavors.

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MrSnoop Posted 7:09am PST 12/08/2017

Don't forget the $10 savings code offer on store pickup orders of $10+. I placed 3 orders of 2 packs of kcups. Hopefully that works for $30 later.

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outwism Posted 8:22pm PST 12/08/2017

Was thinking the same thing. Still even a better deal than Costco and Sam’s. I believe this is the best deal on Starbucks kcups.

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