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oc Posted 12:50pm PST 11/21/2018

Not sure what kind of running you'll be doing in these shoes considering the outsoles are rather thin, but they look like they'll do nicely for casual wear, driving perhaps, or anywhere you don't need a lot of cushion. $18 is a steal -- you'll pay more for a pair of Crocs (does anyone still wear those?)

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VCU804 Posted 1:50pm PST 11/21/2018

Very would need to walk on your hands

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angrymutt88 Posted 4:41pm PST 11/21/2018

Full "synthetic upper" in running shoe? I hope you like sweaty feet. If you are looking for Puma running shoes, you want to at least look for something with a mesh/knit upper. Also look for IGNITE or NRGY midsole. That stuff is as good as Adidas's Boost midsole.

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