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Nvidia Shield 4K HDR 16GB Android TV + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for at Amazon


Posted: 8 days ago by leothelion

Update #2 [11/10]: Google Express with Target has the NVIDIA Shield alone for $120 w/ code HOLIDAYSAVE3X [Exp 12/2]. Code is good for your first 3 orders at Google Express.

Update: Amazon now has it bundled with a 3rd Gen Echo Dot for $140!

Back in stock! Amazon has the NVIDIA Shield 4K HDR 16GB Android TV Streaming Media Player + Remote (2017 model, 945-12897-2500-100) on sale for $140 with free shipping. Best Buy has it for the same price.

Supports 4K HDR and has thousands of apps, now including Amazon Video, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV.

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rich.schofield.37 Posted 7:22am PST 11/08/2018

Odd - comments from yesterday have all been wiped. Here's what I wrote:

PROBLEM: TV manufacturers might make great TVs, but their smart features & commitment to support still don't shine. To explain:

“Invested” in a top of the range Sony 4k TV XBR D series - picture is fantastic but reliability and Android TV capability / stability are unacceptable . Even though it was a top of the range TV in 2016, Sony chose to use clearly a sub par CPU/Chipset for smart functionality. So am looking at the Shield TV to give better functionality and performance. The game capability would be icing on the cake for the kids.

Honestly, I wish TV manufacturers would just included an embedded Shield TV in their TVs. Stop faffing around and get the job done right first time.


This is essentially a 2015 product and CPU. Yes, form factor was revised but it's basically the same CPU with the same performance. Kudos to NVidia - not only have they made a great device and a great processor that stood the test of time, they've also supported the product and encouraged it's adoption. So today you have a device that runs current code, has a ton of apps, gives great performance and is SUPPORTED by both Nvidia and ecosystems such as Plex & Kodi - use case & value have increased, not decreased. Now contrast that with the TV manufacturers where your support literally stops as soon as you've bought the TV.

Where is this product is in the lifecycle? 2015Q1 for a CPU launch means that we're almost 4 years old. I do see people asking the same questions and mentioning the X2 and Xavier chips; no idea whether those are appropriate, but the main takeaway is "Will NVidia release a new Shield TV with a faster chip etc?". A new version with pass through (for overlay info, like XBOX) would be a great feature IMHO.

So for me the remote only [email protected] $140 is too pricey: would be much more willing to consider if the entire (game controller, remote + Shield TV) package came down to $120.

My 2p

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jonnycli Posted 7:58am PST 11/08/2018

Not a huge fan of the remote design, but it works well with Logitech Harmony Hub, so if you've got one of those, this things makes a great addition to your home theater setup. Runs Plex really well for 1-2 users simultaneously and runs most apps better than Amazon Fire TV.

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Sharik Posted 12:41pm PST 11/08/2018

Rick, the comments are not removed. Click on the Deal History tab below and the "word balloon" icon and you'll find comments on previous listings of this product.

Thanks for sharing your info!

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