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MikeS Posted 10:54am PDT 08/27/2019

This is actually a SIZZLING deal cuz FREE S&H.

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Massive_Purple_Head Posted 12:55pm PDT 08/27/2019

yeah, sizzling is the way to describe your FRUSTRATION as you ATTEMPT TO GET THIS TO WORK AS SHOWN!. I have gone through several of these and always the same results : JUNK. I have tried on perfectly level doors perfectly squared, inside doors outside doors, no difference, JUNK!

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dave_c Posted 8:01pm PDT 08/27/2019

^ If the first one was junk and you couldn't get it to work, why did you (buy) "gone through several of these" more of them?

This is a trick, you're just trying to buy them all for yourself!

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