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b3nz Posted 6:36am PDT 07/11/2019

I've had this app for years and it's a great tool to teach yourself new knots or as a refresher for knots you don't use as often. Currently 131 knots in the list. Types are broken down into use categories (eg. boating, camping, climbing, etc.) and types. The animations are clear and the animation speed is adjustable so you can easily see any tricky parts. Each knot also lists it's other common (or uncommon?) names and has a great description of use cases, alternatives and the history of the knot. It's very worth it at $1.99 for any camper, climber, boater or even if you just have to get your plywood or Christmas tree home from the Orange Depot (you know who you are, Mr. kite-flying mattress mover guy). It's a great tool to help teach knot tying to kids. At $0 it's a no brainer.

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tomr98 Posted 7:00am PDT 07/11/2019

Does it contain the infamous Balloon Knot?

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seth.horning.14 Posted 8:15am PDT 07/11/2019

I've used this app for years on my iPad. totally worth the $2 I paid for it back then. it's even better now. you can slow down the speed for the knot demonstration, change the angle, reverse directions, and some other stuff. great deal

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