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fack Posted 2:43pm PST 12/06/2018

Not really a price discount when its the same (general) price for 4 years in a row, but .... anyway.
Since I own some of these I will mention - unless these are different then the store display and the ones I own - these STILL are a combination of Chinese and Taiwan manufacture. In the store they only say China on the outside of all the ones I bought for expendable work. Few Irwins are US made any longer, and you can tell with their non industrial line - its not good stuff anymore. Gone cheap like Craftsman, Husky, and Kobalt hand tools. For a toss in the back of the truck set, these are fairly decent from my usage. Not reliable in the long run though, jaws and swivel/slide points get loose when pushed hard, and nobody wants to stop working on a project to bring the wrench back for warranty work in the middle of something, and failing tools can cause injuries that are much more expensive then the tools...

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