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turk182 Posted 12:56pm PDT 08/01/2019

i joined this 3 years ago..... notta thing has arrived "free"

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alpha1976 Posted 1:04pm PDT 08/01/2019

In case you are struggling with this concept, you are on a deals site trying to get discounts on non-essential products you don't want to pay full price for. Being poor means using most of your income on day to day essentials to get by (food, toilet paper, etc). There is rarely any remaining for "deals". Most of those "bums" work more than 1 part time job or work full-time and make minimum wage. Having Prime at $6 a month is a luxury and that is not a very popular program in poorer communities anyways. You wish you were poor so you could save $6 a month? 🙄

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dave_c Posted 2:11pm PDT 08/01/2019

I signed up for samples some time ago and also have never received any.

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