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pseudosea Posted 11:36am PDT 10/05/2018

Joined rewards membership. Logged in. Selected First Alert item. Checked out. RECEICED $5 Off. Then selected Pick Up location and $5 was gone. Now this thing has become a challenge for me.... it must be me. I spent too much time figuring this out. Finally gave up.

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zenvalo Posted 12:51pm PDT 10/05/2018

Website showed in stock locally, so I signed up for the rewards thing and then magically there weren't any available locally. They tricked me! Punks!

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JargonBargain Posted 1:32pm PDT 10/05/2018

Good to have 2-3 at home
one in the trunk of your car.
Don't wish you had done it, when you could have.

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