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Solow Posted 3:28pm PDT 07/04/2018

eBay coupon deals have become a joke. Many sellers consistently mark up their goods, coincidentally, the same percentage amount as the coupon.

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JayGanz Posted 6:48am PDT 07/05/2018

Tried to find something to use this on and the valid sellers were few and prices were bad on their products. I did use a one day only everything coupon a week ago and that really did save me money. Combined with $5 cash back on $25+ for an even better deal. app also has some great in-store cash back deals ($10 back on $30+). These are only visible in the app.

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JayGanz Posted 6:52am PDT 07/05/2018

Ben's Bargains changed my reference to another site to theirs in the above post. Rhymes with "DetailsBeShot"

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