There are about a million Black Friday ads to look through, but we realize a lot of people just want to know, "what's the best deal on Nintendo Switch?" or "who will have the cheapest LEGOs?". Because we love you, we've combed through all the ads to answer these burning questions! Check back for more as we get closer to the big day!

4K TVs:





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undeaddave Posted 4:21pm PST 11/18/2019

Got mah Spiderman PS4 Pro and love it, but $299 is awesome as well :)

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zoman35 Posted 4:27am PST 11/19/2019

Thanks for the overview
Would love someone to list similar or second place deals on the basic pacakage though.
(I like to have options and prefer some establishments over others.)

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Golf Posted 10:20am PST 11/19/2019

Thanks for combing through the ads. Will check back regularly for more. Awesome work!

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