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Apple iPhone X 5.8" Smartphone (2017) at Apple Store


Posted: 280 days ago by Sharik

In non-bargain news today, Apple announced three new models of the iPhone: the 4.7" iPhone 8 ($699), 5.5" iPhone 8 Plus ($799) and the long-awaited 10th anniversary model, the 5.8" iPhone X ($999). You can pre-order iPhone X on October 27.

The redesigned iPhone X features a water-resistant all-glass body with stainless steel band, edge-to-edge, bezel-free 5.8" Super Retina OLED display and facial recognition.

Other announcements include the Series 3 Apple Watch now with standalone cellular capability (starting at $399) and the new Apple TV 4K ($179). Additionally, your purchased 1080p iTunes movies will automatically be upgraded to 4K (where available).

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Wally Posted 2:48pm PDT 09/12/2017

So it's a laptop? 1K for a phone? Me no get.

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Riuski Posted 3:10pm PDT 09/12/2017

You can think about it that way, or you can think about how much time you spend on your phone vs on a laptop. Nowadays, many people spend more time on their phones than laptops.

So it's a laptop? 1K for a phone? Me no get.

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austinbaker44 Posted 3:41pm PDT 09/12/2017

It's still an Apple product....pass

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