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Apple iPhone 11 Pro 5.8" Phone w/ Triple Camera (2019) at Apple Store


Posted: 65 days ago by Sharik

Apple made a few product announcements today, most notably the introduction of its new iPhone 11 Pro (5.8") and iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5") featuring all-new Triple Camera system, Night Mode, Midnight Green color and updated display and processor.

The iPhone 11 Pro will be available for pre-order from $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max from $1099 starting 9/13 (ships on 9/20).

The iPhone 11 6.1" phone is the standard update of last year's iPhone XR and will start at $699.  The XR will drop down to $599, and the now ancient iPhone 8 will be $449.

Some other announcements:

  • Apple TV+ Streaming Service for $4.99 / mo. (starts 11/1)
  • Apple Watch Series 5 from $399 (ships 9/20)
  • 7th Gen 10.2" iPad from $329 (ships 9/30)
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    Goob Posted 3:25pm PDT 09/10/2019

    I like the Android OS a little better but only buy Apple phones now because Apple's support is so much better than Android . Gave my Iphone 5s, release date September 2013, to a family member and it's still getting updates, lol. Apples prices may be a little higher compared to flagship phones of other manufactures but their updates and support make up for the cost IMHO.

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    phdhef Posted 5:07pm PDT 09/10/2019

    A little higher? My OnePlus 6T costs about half of XS. As for the iPhone 5S, sure it's still getting updates, but at this point it is not even as good as a budget phone, assuming Apple didn't screw you over on throttling for battery life.

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    Chocobean Posted 5:40pm PDT 09/10/2019

    Excited to see all the new features in iphone 11, that Android had 2 years ago.

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