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notaguru Posted 7:14pm PST 02/24/2018

That same flashlight enjoys a lot of different branding. All are excellent, but *only* if you use a 18650 lithium cell instead of three AAA alkaline cells. I have converted a lot of things in my life to 18650, and keep a few in the charger at all times. That really works well.

I like this flashlight, though in some of its forms there is no memory. That is, if you turn it OFF while in strobe mode, it will start in bright mode. Not terrible, but a lot of button-pushing could be eliminated with memory - an additional penny of manufacturing cost. In this particular case, I see no mention of memory, so trim your fingernails.

Like most cheap consumer products today, there is no quality control at all. The distributor depends on the purchaser to test the product and return faulty ones.

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mQfo Posted 7:19pm PST 02/24/2018

Probably a sponsor of this site

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CeeDog Posted 12:15am PST 02/25/2018

Garbage. Bought them after seeing a deal on here. One was DOA. Wasted my time returning them. If their quality control is that bad, imagine how long the one that worked would last. No thanks.

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