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pitufomx Posted 7:19am PDT 08/12/2017

or got to amazon get it in 2 days free shipping instead 5 days for the same price

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dave_c Posted 1:16pm PDT 08/12/2017

^ I'd rather support local businesses even if they are a large chain that still puts local mom 'n pop hardware stores out of business. That is, unless my current thermostat failed and it was especially hot or cold so a rush to get it. Then again, you can just cross the two appropriate wires to manually turn your heat or A/C on and off but who wants to do that for longer than necessary. Ironically when my fancy electronic thermostat failed, I just dug out the old mechanical one which still works, installed it and feel no urge to change it back because it turns out I wasn't programming my fancy one except turn down the heat or up the A/C if I'd be gone for a few days. which took 5 times as long as it does to just push the manual slider.

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